How to Motivate and Coach Salespeople

I was listening to a very informative podcasts on how to motivate and coach salespeople and I wanted to share it with you.  It talks about how leaders today can and should motivate their salespeople.  Leaders are self expressed and passionate about what they’re doing which includes motivating their sales teams.  The best leaders create the culture not have the culture create itself.  To create the culture, it means if you want an honest, open line of communication then as a leader you have to be open and honest.

Today’s management is different than past generations.  It’s about listening, not preaching.  It’s about asking questions and taping into your sales teams inner wisdom.  Everyone is different and so everyone needs to be managed differently.  By creating a culture of open communication then your sales team will let you know what makes them tick and will keep them growing.

The podcasts also brought up a very interesting example.  The push vs. pull structure.  If you as a manager continue to push your sales people up a hill they will grow but as soon as you stop pushing then they just roll back down the hill.  If you instead use the pull structure, then you can help pull your sales people to new and exciting heights.  Once you stop pulling, then as a manager you have created a self sufficient sales person who will continue to push to reach the top and begin setting new and higher goals of success.

Please check out the podcast below as it was very informative.